Thursday, 8 July 2021

Retelling a Story - How Matariki Came to Be

 The Story of Tanemahuta, Papatuanuku, and Ranginui is a beautiful one - rich with opportunities to use descriptive, and emotive language. 

Art: “Triumph” by Jane Crisp

Your task today is to retell this story - based on what you learnt yesterday from the 

video we watched, and the story you read today 

you will retell the story from a different perspective.

Perspective is the point of view of a character. Instead of telling the story like you are a ”fly on the wall” you are telling the story as if you were that character.

Choose one of these characters to write from the perspective of;

  • Ranginui, or Papatuanuku

  • Tane Mahuta

  • Tawhirimatea

What was the word like for me before the separation?

Ranginui: happy and loving   


How did I feel once the separation happened?


What kind of emotive, or descriptive words can I use to show how I felt?

Sad, Depressed and lonely


The story of Papatuanuku and Ranginui 

Me and Papatuanuku were in a deep embrace. We just wouldn’t let go. The reason why was because we had a deep love for eachother. We had been there for years. We were always together. One day we let the Tamariki (children) see the light. After that day Papatuanuku and I stayed together forgetting that our tamariki were smothered in darkness and could not see the light. The day had come where Me and Papatuanuku would get separated because of Tane Mahuta our tama. 

The day where Tane Mahuta got his name “The separator of Heaven and Earth”.

The Separator 

He had enough he wanted to see the light instead of staying between us. So he dug his shoulders into his whaea and lifted his leg so his feet would touch me and he pushed against us even though he heard his mothers cries he kept pushing us apart until we couldn’t embrace each other. We both cried. My tears become rain and her tears become rivers. One of the brothers was so angry he struck lighting and sent massive storms. He then ripped his eyes and crushed them. He then proceeded to throw them so his winds would take them up to me. They had become stars; they were called the seven sisters of Matariki. 

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