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Table Discussions

 Table Discussions

Table Discussions gives you an opportunity to explain your thinking, reasoning and opinions. Being able to get your point across, and speaking your truth.

Challenge: Write more than 150 words answering the question. Explain yourself best you can. Use paragraphs (P.E.E.R) to group your ideas, different sentence types and correct punctuation.

Why do you think it is important to celebrate our culture?

The reason why we should is because Maori culture is the most native culture in New Zealand. If we lost the Maori culture we would be extinct, well not us but Maoris but then the English language would take over. Maori traditions are important because it is the only thing that makes New Zealand unique. The reason why Maoris should be celebrated is because they have amazing myths and legends and also if the Maori were gone so would the language. If we were gone then think about the people who wanted to learn Maori. Maori are just as unique as any other language. Maoris have unique singing talents, unique food and unique drawings and patterns including the words they speak. Plus what happens to the young kids like us who don't get to learn a language this unique. My response is that you should learn as much as you can about every language and learn the languages you were meant to learn.

Talented Māori Artists/Musicians

 Talented Māori Artists/Musicians

Fact 1 - Stan Walker: back in the day Stan had to step in cows poop to keep his feet warm. 

Fact 2 - Stan Walker: He use to work with his dad on a very small Pig farm.

Fact 3 - Six60: This famous band actually formed in Dunedin in 2008.

Fact 4 - Stan Walker: He actually use to sleep with the piglets.

Maths gold task


Research task


Word of the day


Korero is a very important word in Maori as it has many meanings and uses.

What does this word mean

Is like a way of saying a phrase like “Be kind”

What are some words that mean the same?

speak , chat and talk 

What does this word mean to me?

→When someone needs to listen to some words of inspiration 

Response to text

 Response to text:

Maui and the Magical Fire

Highlight the correct answer or write down the appropriate response.

1. Maui is a... 

a) Hemigod b) Demigod

c) Semigod d) Just a normal dude

2. In the story Maui visited every village until...

a) There were no more chickens b) There was no more sunshine

c) There was no more fire d) He stole all their kai

3. Explain why Maui put out all of the fires

→He put it out so he could be picked to find the goddess of fire 

4. True or False: Maui is famous for being a trickster (likes to play jokes)

a) True b) False

5. What is the name of the great goddess in this myth?

a) Mahuika b) Maui

c) Maori    d) Maunganui

6. Explain how fire came back to the humans in the story.

→Maui went to the fire goddess to get her toenails weird 

7. Why do you think fire is so important to mankind?

→Because it kept you warm, gave you light and it cooked help cook food

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Rating Recipe Places to buy this food


Places to buy
this food

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1.  Prep food

  2. Dig hole not too deep

  3. Find large branches to put over the pit

  4. Put newspaper then rocks on top of the pit

  5.  Now light it up

  6. Make sure to put the meat, veggies and if you want stuffing into food basket

  7. Make sure  to have cabbage leaves or foil on the bottom of the basket

  8. When the stones are hot hot hot! The stones will already be at the bottom of the pit

  9. Now put wet sacks around the pit and take out ash from pit with shovel

  10. Now put the baskets in the pit

  11. Cover the pit with a big wet sheet then put some more wet sacks on top 

  12. When the sheet is there put soil on make sure it is loose

  13. 4-5 hours later it will be done and now you can eat




Red kumara   

Orange kumara 


Pork shoulders  

Beef brisket 

Whole butterflied chicken or whole chicken.

Insert appropriate image here

Company: Mad Butcher  

Address: G.I and anywhere 

Company: Pak n Sav 

Address: Anywhere in New Zealand except the country

Company: Countdown 

Address: Anywhere in New zealand except the country

Rating: past 5 Stars

Company: New World

Address: Anywhere in New zealand except the country

Describe the Māori Dish

→This maori dish smells delicious when served. It taste the best  

Company: Meatbox 

Address: online 

Insert appropriate image here