Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Letter writing

Title: Letter writing

WALT: write an informal letter to
         a friend or family member

Dear family thank you for being the best mum and dad. 
I can't wait for christmas for our uncle to come over for christmas breakfast. I love you so much  : )  

Love by your son Leonidas

The show went on


WALT: Write an informal letter to a friend or family 

Dear Ms Villi i hope you and your family have a jolly joyful christmas.
Thank you so much for teaching us the prize giving dance this year.
I hope you have an awesome school holiday as well and again thank you.   

Kind regards: Leonidas

Monday, 2 December 2019

maths DMic

Letter writing

WALT: write an informal letter to
         a friend or family member

Dear sienna
 you are a great student at room 11 
you are a clever student in Pt England school 

By Leonidas 

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

making cheese toasties

Making cheese toasties           

Today we are making cheese toasties and I'm going to explain how to make one 

  1. Turn on toaster 
  2. Butter your bread 
  3. Put cheese on your bread 
  4. Put a slice of bread on top
  5. Cook your toastie 
  6. Cook for one minute 

Ingredients: butter, bread, cheese                   we need: toaster, knife, plate 

I really like cheese toastie they’re warm and cheese they tasted good 

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Making Butter

Title: making butter

  1. We need: cream jar (glass jar)
  2. Pikletes ,whipped cream, jam.
  3. Put cream into the jar
  4. Shake the jar until the cream turns lumpy and yellowish white
  5. Butter our pikelets and put jam or cream or both onto the pikelets

    It tasted really yum it was my first time i tried whipped cream i liked                             shaking the cream to turn it into butter

  1. I buttered two pikelets with butter and jam 
  2. Then i ask for some whipped cream 
  3. Then i went outside and ate it.